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Programmer, designer, bitcoiner, soccer player, & astrophotographer.

I'm Moses Finlay, a 16-year-old software engineer from Oregon. For the last 8+ years, I've had a passion for programming and design ever since I made my first computer game when I was eight.

When I was 12, I started a year-long coding bootcamp, where I received a Techdegree. Since then, I've built a platform for online communities called Tracker, and I built an NFT marketplace as side project called Block Gallery.

andromeda galaxy

Coding resources

It's a good idea to start with an area that's interesting to you. There are many different areas in programming, but if you can narrow it down to something specific like building a website or app, that's where I recommend starting. There are hundreds of programming languages out there. And every language has its own strengths.

If you're newer to programming, I would recommend learning JavaScript. JavaScript is awesome because you can use it to build websites, apps, games, and more. It's also a great language to learn because it's easy to learn and it's used everywhere.

I'm planning on starting a local coding meetup in Roseburg, Oregon. If you'd be interested, let me know!